Thursday, June 29, 2006

The House of Lords

This notice was posted by an Action Network user not the BBC
Updated: 20 Jun 2006

By daoud jibreel

Hi people

I've found a better site if any of you want to get hold of the HOUSE OF LORDS members, its a Its got a lot less duff ones than the other site I let you know about.

So far not alot of replies had Lord Lipsey asking me to remove his name from my list, sorry your Lordship but like the Blues Brothers 'I am on a mission from God' and what I've got posted here and on ought to keep some public inquirey going for years.

All those unanswered questions.

Like when are the IPCC going to respond, just why havent SWPolice been intouch with the Malfeasance complaint, why havent the local gov ombudsman really investigated complaints, and what about the rent revenue account. LOts of questions Lord Lipsey that have not been answered. Like why havent I heard from the BMA allready, or how come the Welsh Assembly government still do not respond to emails, or why are the Media so oh so reluctant to question any of these issues on the peoples behalf????

Is it Sinister forces at work Crazydave, You'd think so wouldn't ya.You sure would Oh by the way people the council lost the email request for the top 20 private landlord earnings from the Housing Benefit scheme.

I had an email today apologizing for the over sight. It not very good is it maybe if I hadn't sent Kate Berry the chase up cos were coming to the twenty day deadline for me to receive it, the email request would have remained buried????Who can say.

Love n Light People, You deserve better Crazydave you really do.

Stop the victimization of vulnerable adults is what I say.

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